Marketing School

Sell/Buy Cattle Marketing School Outline

Date: July 18, 19, & 20- 2022

This school will fill quickly, reserve your spot soon.

Beatrice Nebraska, at the Holiday Inn

4005 N 6th Street

Holiday Inn 402-228-7000

Cost:   $750 US

If more than one person attends from the same operation the cost will be $500 for each additional person

18 and under $250

Doug’s phone:  402-239-2656

Doug’s Email:

Noon meals will be provided during days 2 and 3, along with refreshments during the school with no additional charge. 

We will ask participants in the morning who would like to go out to supper as a group.  This is not required and will be a social time.  You will be responsible for covering the cost of your own evening meal.

Participants will have access to me all day, and at the evening meal(s).  If I don’t have cattle at home in the pens that need fed I will stay at the motel at the conclusion of days 2 and 3 to answer any questions and review any material.

This is not a direct marketing school. 

This is a live school and will not be offered virtual

Course Outline

Day 1: July 18- Social and networking starting at 5:00pm

Sandwiches and drinks will be provided.  Attendance is optional.

Day 2-3: July 19 & 20- Marketing: Starting promptly at 8 am and ending at 5pm.  We will break for lunch from 12-1pm approx.

The X-Y factor, know and understand yourself

-How we got our paradigms, how they control us, and how we change them to benefit ourselves

Define Sell/Buy marketing, our number one advantage

                -Sell/buy vs. buy/sell

                -Gross margin and turnover

Inventory Triangle

                -Our second advantage is know how to manage inventory

                -Get full value for grass/feed and time

Selling and Buying Concepts

Cattle Square

                -Determining the efficient market value of replacement cattle and profit

Cow Bell Curve

                -Capture appreciation and deflect depreciation

-Actual value vs. value to me

-Determining value of breeding stock

My schools are the only ones that will use current, accurate prices and real world examples because I am always actively applying this material in the stockyards.

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