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Sell/Buy Cattle Marketing School Outline

If you want to be the best you must learn from the best. I started from scratch with four figures and made the leap to full time cattleman. I am the only instructor that applies what I teach in my everyday life and prospers from it in the stockyards. I am the only one that can speak from experience of quitting the off farm job to raise cattle. I share this experience because I want others to have similar success for themselves.

Next school date is June 5-7, 2023

in Beatrice NE.

at the Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn phone number is: 402-228-7000

Address: 4005 N 6th St. Beatrice NE 68310

This school will fill quickly, reserve your spot soon.


1 adult (over 18)- $750

Additional adult (over 18) coming from the same operation/using the same checkbook-$500

Youth-18 and under- $250

Ex: 2 adults from same operation- $750 + $500 = $1250

3 adults from same operation- $750 + $500 + $500 = $1750

1 adult and 1 youth- $750 + $250= $1000

Doug’s phone:  402-239-2656

Doug’s Email:

(email me to get on our notification/wait list. We email the people on that list a week before we announce a school anywhere else)

Please fill out the registration form below and include your tuition fee. Hotel room booking and cost is on your own. We will send a confirmation email when your registration is received

Attendance/Refund Policy: We understand life happens and we believe in common sense above all else. Please contact us ASAP when you know if you are not able to attend the school and have already registered. A refund check will be mailed back to you. If you enroll twice and cancel both times, 1/2 of your tuition payment will be refunded. We need to cover our costs, including meals, printing, room, etc. We will not accept enrollment after you cancel twice.

June 5th is a social/networking time starting at 5 pm. Food and drink will be provided. This is optional to attend.

The school will begin on the morning of June 6th, at 8 am in hotel conference center. We will also begin at 8 am on June 7th. Lunch is provided both days. We will also provide refreshments both days.

The evening of the 6th you will have the option of eating dinner as a group. Details of this will be announced at the school that morning. This meal will be at your own expense.

This is not a direct marketing school.  I do not discuss hedging or LRP. This is a cash marketing school, where you will learn to be self-hedged in the cash market.

This is a live school and will not be offered virtual.

Course Outline

Day 1: June 5th- Voluntary Social and networking starting at 5:00pm with light meal.

Day 2-3– June 6 and 7th – Marketing School: Starting promptly at 8 am and ending at 5pm.  We will break for lunch from 12-1pm approx. Lunch provided each day.

Day 1 of the school begins with the short psychology lesson. Developing the winning mindset

The X-Y factor, know and understand yourself

-How we got our paradigms, how they control us, and how we change them to benefit ourselves

Define Sell/Buy marketing, our number one advantage

                -Sell/buy vs. buy/sell

                -Gross margin and turnover

Inventory Triangle and resource management

                -Our second advantage is knowing how to manage inventory

                -Get full value for grass/feed and time

Day 2: Selling and Buying Concepts

Determining and understanding Value of Gain

Cattle Square

                -Determining the efficient market value of replacement cattle and profit

Cow Bell Curve

                -Capture appreciation and deflect depreciation

-Actual value vs. value to me

-Determining value of breeding stock

Swapping classes: Cows to cows, cows to stockers, stockers to cows

Discussion on running at capacity

Mental exercises on spotting opportunities and how it affects resource management, so you are prepared for the real world

By the end you will know how to generate positive cash flow regardless of market direction and build wealth. That’s how you build a legacy

My schools are the only ones that will use current, accurate prices and real world examples because I am the only instructor actively applying this material in the stockyards.

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