Since attending your school I have been trading small groups of cull cows. I have been buying thin poor cows and grazing weight onto them. With the “grass bump”/weight gain and the price roll up of a heavier cull cow I am making over $100 per head after expenses. Missouri 2023

Just sold some mixed 664# heifers at $2.06 and replaced with 460# black heifers for $1.80. Your school has made a monster out of me, I can’t get enough of this! Iowa 2023

Hey Doug With the news of the atypical cow my X paradigm would have been to freak out (still had to fight that voice off) But I remembered what you said about keeping the needle pointed in the right direction and doing winning things. Your personal stories of how you prospered during black swans helped too. So this weekend I weighed some cattle and sorted and calculated my COG so that I am ready to go at a moments notice it the market is willing to give me something. It feels so much better to have the skill, knowledge, control to be able to prosper instead of worrying. South Carolina 2023

Doug, After attending your marketing schools and the Ranching For Profit school it has totally revolutionized our business. We made some changes, cash flow is way up the banker is amazed, and we are having fun. Oh by the way, the hired man I sent to your school came home and quit. He said there was too much opportunity in the cattle business to be working for me so he decided to go out on his own and do sell/buy marketing for himself. Minnesota 2023

Doug, I am sorry we didn’t get to talk to you before we left. We blew out in a hurry because we were driving all the way home after the school than night. I wanted say thank you so much for holding these schools! We attended (name withheld) school and I got some good out of it but my daughter hated it. She loved your school and we all got much more out it. The thing that sets you apart is your ability to bring the real world into the school where as (the other guy) was just kinda like, here’s how this should work, good luck. We left with more clarity, ideas and we are super pumped. My daughter is even looking forward to doing sell/buy with her roping calves Texas 2023

I had an amazing morning. I just traded out of my pen of random small groups of mixed stuff I had. I made over $200 per head on them. Understanding the VOG and costs and seeing price relationships has changed my life. I am doing really well now with sell-buy Iowa 2023

Doug, We held our last ranch meeting of the year this morning and set goals for next year. Our EL board highly recommends your school, but we just were not convinced that sell/buy was a fit for our ranch. After your description of it on the Pharo group, compared to the other’s descriptions, and your other recent comments there we decided that we need to learn sell/buy and that it would be worth the extra travel miles to come to one of your schools. Texas 2022

Doug. I had my young son with me the other day when he asked me why we do the things we do. I realized he wasn’t asking about making money, and just when I was about to tell him that’s how its done around here I stopped. I heard a voice in my head that has never been there before. I realized then I was stuck in the X paradigm. I reviewed the material in your book and this line hit me hard “Are you willing to sacrifice who you are right now in order to become who you need to be to get what you want?” I haven’t slept much since that moment due to the excitement. I want and am going to get different results next year. I haven’t figured out what changes I am going to make exactly but I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me to explore. Canada 2022

Doug, I have been to both of your competitor’s schools and yours. I never done anything with sell/buy until after i attended yours. Your stories of things you’ve done brought it to life for me. Your, been there done that, confidence and your passion for it make you different and motivated me to finally try. I traded two goosenecks of steers and hit my profit target of $65 with and excess profit of $12. Just another day to you but it was a big win for me. Thanks Doug and I look forward to sharing more successful trades with you in 2023. Oklahoma 2022

Doug, as you know the weather here has been S@$* I was really feeling down and out one morning when I remembered what you said about attitude. That morning out in the snow and wind it hit me how my attitude was affecting everything in my life. I remember you saying you get as many calls about the mindset stuff as you do about marketing. The psychology lesson was about life as much as it was cattle marketing. is there material you recommend reading? maybe provide a tab on your website. Thanks South Dakota 2022

Doug. Quick recap, I called you wed. I am the guy that went to (name with held) school. I tried three trades, even doing the hold onto money when its “under-valued” and lost every time. To your point I called the teachers of that school and they tried selling me a book at a discounted price but had no advice. I tried calling you out of desperation. I took notes of your three points and I pulled off a buy back yesterday (Thurs). for the first time I went head for head and had some money too. I was going to go to their annual meeting to get clarification on how to do this or demand my money back. I see you have a school at about the same time its clear I’d be better off going to NE. Missouri 2022

Doug, A person asked in the discussion group what sell/buy is, and you are the only one who explained it. Every week you write of opportunities and you clearly take them. You also said to raise the standard and help each other, and you backed that up. even calling out the other person for continuing to insult you. She didn’t answer the question just copied and pasted someone else’s work, and insulted you again Thanks (North Carolina area code) 2022

Mr. Ferguson, Jack Welch, the CEO who grew GE, learned to select people for their mindset and not their pedigree because a pedigree didn’t tell him about a person’s inner hunger. Getting to witness an explanation of sell/buy marketing by yourself and (two other instructors) on the PCC forum, it was clear who has the inner hunger and who simply just wants recognition. Good job young man. It is you that deserves that pat on the back Texas 2022

Doug, Thank you for your insights on the PCC discussion group and for your articles on BEEF. I read every one, and look forward to many more. It is messed up how rude and disrespectful (other sell/buy instructor) is to you. “Raising the damn standard” isn’t just how smart you are, or whose kid you are, it is also how you treat people. Missouri 2022

Doug, Your raise the damn standard comment was just what the PCC discussion group needed! And you backed it up with valuable insights. What a breath of fresh air. The last thing we need is another “selling” tactic from DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL. You raised the bar now you’re expected to hold it there Nebraska 2022

Doug, Thanks for all you do for the beef industry. many people are better off for all you have shared through schools, podcasts, and articles. the PCC group and the hq podcast really should not allow (other sell/buy instructor) and her family to insult you or (name with held). I thought it was beneath them. people only attack a brand bigger than their own. your school has been a blessing to this family Minnesota 2022

Doug, I am one of those that’s been to your school and (name with held) school. She has been rude and condescending to me too. It’s why I came to your school, to get answers she wouldn’t and maybe couldn’t give. just tells me to buy a book. Good for you showing her up on the email group. her bullying you in the group only proves that smile and mean it is (not practiced) (with holding location) 2022

Doug, What an amazing opportunity it was to get to see all three current sell/buy marketing instructors explain sell/buy on the PCC discussion group. Your ability to articulate it, your originality, and the added trivial content were educational and entertaining. When you said to “raise the damn standard” you backed it up. Also some of us have noticed the constant aggressive and abusive remarks directed towards you from (name with held). That is not OK. Our operation has been considering learning sell/buy and we have been wondering whose school to enroll in. It is now clear, I will be in touch. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with us. We are blessed Kit didn’t let you leave 2022

Doug. Just checking in. I saw an opportunity to buy some undervalued heifers and I took it. I also rented a small place that has some pens and 10 acres of pasture. This facility should work well for doing the things you taught us and it should fit with my other enterprises also. Excited to see what the future holds Indiana 2022

Wanted to write to say thank you again. Just one year after going to your school my cattle enterprise has completely turned around. I made 5 times the income off of cattle that I did in 2021 and only had 1/5-2 times the expenses. That was even with a high death loss this fall that I felt really set me back. Sticking to the principles in the book makes all the difference. Thanks again. Iowa 2022

I have been to every sell/buy school there is, taught by every instructor that has done one. You are by far the best. Kansas 2022

The psych lesson was worth the 750 dollars, the other 14 hours was bonus material. The price of tuition is under-valued to what I received for it. Colorado 2022

I came to your school hoping to fill in a few grey areas in my business. I got much more than I bargained for. I have a lot to think about and am excited for what the future holds for me now that I see opportunities that I never knew existed. I have a higher level of awareness Thank you for sharing Colorado 2022

Doug, It was amazing how you knew what sell/buy school we attended based off our questions. As you know we tried trading the way we were taught and were losing money, and no one could figure out why. I was amazed at how you knew why and could explain it in a simple way we could understand it. it doesn’t matter whose kid you are, it matters if you understand what you’re doing. (you have the knowing factor) This is where your real world expericne sets you above the others. You advice on how to approach the banker will be extremely helpful as he is not to happy with our result after trying the way we were taught before. For people trying to decide between one school or another, there is only one choice if you want to do this right– go see Doug, and he will make you a Master Marketer. Iowa 2022

Mr. Ferguson As a woman you made me feel equal to everyone else in the room. Your story about the little girl and the pancakes made me tear up. Your closing remarks about the next generation and building a legacy gave me chills. Making a profit and the affect our business has on others has more importance than I realized. You speak about reaching the next level. I now know what the next level will look like for us and with your teachings how we will get there. You were a blessing to us and now we aim to be a blessing to others in our community. (address with held by request) 2022

Sir. We came to your class per recommendation from our EL board. I was concerned you would try to make me a cattle sneak, and that I’d have to spend all my time in auction barns. You showed me a way I could do what I want to do which is be a cow man, and still make good money instead of trying to get by on a slim margin. I had a $700/head value capture with the first group of cows I bought. With a margin like that I won’t just be getting by I will thrive. I now believe I will get to live out my dream of being a cow man. I believe you ae correct sir, when you state that your school and the Ranching for Profit school fit like a hand in glove. Also want to thank you for being accessible and answering the phone and taking my questions. Kansas 2022

The psychology lesson was worth the price of tuition alone. Have you guys thought about, or do you do any motivational speaking? Nebraska 2022

I attended your April marketing class with my wife. It has been a life changing experience since then. We have been doing some great trades and learning more about ourselves and our operation. I think the most fun of it is my wife is more engaged with the operation and always asking what our BPCOG is! I’ve been working on my dad and brother to go to one of your classes. I think my dad has contacted you recently. Anyways, I finally got dad talked in to going to your December class. Him, my son and I will be coming out in December. My son is 16. My wife and I think it will be a great experience for him. I just mailed off the registration and payment this morning. See you in December! Iowa 2022

Mr.Cattlemaster, I attended you Dec. 2021 school. I have done a few trades since then, with some good success. a great feeling but better than that is I now am gaining confidnce in my ability and realize if I get my (cattle) numbers up higher I wont have to retire at my job I can quit. Nebraska 2022

Doug, When you said that the use value of the class will exceed the tuition cost I thought you were being a salesman. When you said if done intentionally it will pay us infinitely I was skeptical. We dipped our toes in this week trading only 5 cows. After all sales expenses we made $250/head. We got our tuition (husband and wife attended together on sliding fee scale) back on that swap! My wife was a believer from the beginning and now I am too. Its like you said “just trade a few and build confidence”. Anyway thought you’d like to know Texas 2022

I wanted to thank you and let you know that all your help before we attneded your school didn’t go unnoticed. As you figured out we went to (name)’s school and we were losing money afterward. We would call them with questions and they wouldn’t answer them, just told us to do what’s in the book. We called you and you quickly and easily answered our questions. That’s why we enrolled in your school, there was something different about you. While at your school we realized we were bidding away the VOG, we weren’t taught to understand cost, and the value of money segment was what we needed to “fix the broken paradigm that was given to us”. We’ve completed two successful trades since being at your school. Winning is a different feeling that is for sure. My advise to anyone thinking of going to a sell/buy school is to skip over (name)’s school regardless of (comment with held) and go to yours. Ohio 2022

Sir, I wanted to express my gratitude for making a few extra spots for our customers at your school after it had already sold out. The experience was excellent for us all. You’ve given us a way we can communicate better and some tools to succeed. We are going to try and get all of our customers to one of your schools with the next year. Kansas 2022

Doug, When I called you to ask about your school I was not expecting you to ask me so many questions about myself. I thought it was strange that after listening to me you recommended we go to Ranching For Profit school instead. Why would you pass the opportunity to cash a tuition check? We took you advise and went to RFP and we realize now you were right, it was what we needed. You clearly were more interested in helping us that taking our money. Thank you for that and thank you for sharing your wisdom on the podcasts. We will be at one of your schools in the future. South Dakota 2022

For decades I have wondered how do you get people to get out of their own way. How do you get them to quit over thinking things and do what they know how to do. You explained all that in the psychology lesson. That was fantastic Kansas 2022

Doug, I just completed my first sell/buy on some sheep. I think you said at the school when we got home there would be something that would challenge us to go back to our old paradigms. Spot on. We were hit with several disasters in a row. I had a laundry list of reasons why I couldn’t go to the sale. This trade was all about mindset and taught me so much! Before , during and after. I am now off to a couple cow sales this week. “How bad do you want it, and what are you willing to give up in order to get there?” All I had to give us was the stinking thinking! Thank you. Ready for more lessons, but this was a biggie. Montana 2022

Doug, I am so glad I came to your marketing school and learned this stuff. I am having so much fun now. Iowa 2021

Thanks for putting on the marketing school. We are ready to roll!!!! Really enjoyed the cow value talk. Nebraska 2021

I just wanted to reach out and personally thank you for going through the work of putting on the marketing school. We have been punching the numbers since we got home and the excitement is real! This knowledge is absolutely going to change our lives for the better. Nebraska 2021

The class was well worth it. We needed this. Nebraska 2021

When you started with the psychology lesson I was wondering what any of it had to do with marketing. It really helped to understand why we thing the way we do and get the results we do. I have thought about this a lot since attending your school and I decided I need to go a different direction in life. I want to teach. Its strange to think a cattle marketing school helped me find my purpose. Iowa 2021

Doug, Thank you for putting on the marketing school. The stories you shared of different situations you’ve used this material in, in your own operation sets your school apart from the other one I attended Kansas 2022

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