I have been to every sell/buy school there is, taught by every instructor that has done one. You are by far the best. Kansas 2022

The psychology lesson was worth the price of tuition alone. Have you guys thought about, or do you do any motivational speaking? Nebraska 2022

For decades I have wondered how do you get people to get out of their own way. How do you get them to quit over thinking things and do what they know how to do. You explained all that in the psychology lesson. That was fantastic Kansas 2022

Doug, I just completed my first sell/buy on some sheep. I think you said at the school when we got home there would be something that would challenge us to go back to our old paradigms. Spot on. We were hit with several disasters in a row. I had a laundry list of reasons why I couldn’t go to the sale. This trade was all about mindset and taught me so much! Before , during and after. I am now off to a couple cow sales this week. “How bad do you want it, and what are you willing to give up in order to get there?” All I had to give us was the stinking thinking! Thank you. Ready for more lessons, but this was a biggie. Montana 2022

Doug, I am so glad I came to your marketing school and learned this stuff. I am having so much fun now. Iowa 2021

Thanks for putting on the marketing school. We are ready to roll!!!! Really enjoyed the cow value talk. Nebraska 2021

I just wanted to reach out and personally thank you for going through the work of putting on the marketing school. We have been punching the numbers since we got home and the excitement is real! This knowledge is absolutely going to change our lives for the better. Nebraska 2021

The class was well worth it. We needed this. Nebraska 2021

When you started with the psychology lesson I was wondering what any of it had to do with marketing. It really helped to understand why we thing the way we do and get the results we do. I have thought about this a lot since attending your school and I decided I need to go a different direction in life. I want to teach. Its strange to think a cattle marketing school helped me find my purpose. Iowa 2021

Doug, Thank you for putting on the marketing school. The stories you shared of different situations you’ve used this material in, in your own operation sets your school apart from the other one I attended Kansas 2022

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